Canadian Public, Activists Have Different Priorities as Weed Legalization Looms

Article by Dina Ibrahim, Puff Puff Post

Canadian public, activists have different priorities as weed legalization looms By Dina Ibrahim. A Canadian flag with a marijuana leaf is flown during a 4/20 rally to demand the legalization of marijuana on Parliament Hill in Ottawa April 20, 2012. (File image via Reuters)

Kevin from Toronto is leaning towards the Progressive Conservatives (PC) party in the upcoming Ontario election on June 7.

Kevin, who doesn’t want to share his last name, said he is choosing the PC’s Doug Ford because he doesn’t want to see “tax money wasted.”

But when asked about the PC’s stance on marijuana, he admits his lack of knowledge about the party’s take on the ongoing marijuana legalization process.

Sue, who is also not sharing her last name, was in Toronto on Sunday to attend the NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s rally.

Sue praised Horwath, her Hamiltonian counterpart.

“Andrea has kept every promise she ever made. I have followed her since she was a city councilor for 25 years ago,” Sue said.

“I believe in Andrea, she is for Hamilton people. Because it is a steel town, we are losing our businesses, and she is fighting so hard to keep it going.”

But when asked about what the NDP’s policy on marijuana, Sue, an electrician, said: “I don’t know. I haven’t heard much about it.”

Ironically, Sue smokes weed. “I use it for pain. I think it should be legalized,” she added.

The Hamiltonian, however, expressed some partial thinking in line of the NDP.

“They [government] should get rid of pot charges that people have accumulated on their records,” she said. “If it is going to be legal, then wipe it clean.”

The NDP said previously it wanted to revoke charges over “simple” possession of marijuana but it had taken a rather “wait and see” approach on the ongoing legalization process.

For Christy, she is voting NDP because Horwath is about “equality” and “leveling the playing field” irrespective of gender, age, or income. Like Sue, she isn’t sure where does the NDP stand on marijuana.

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