Canadian Glass Community Protests Maker of $13,000 Bong

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Canadian glass community protests maker of $13,000 bong Tokyo Smoke has announced a futuristic $13,000 bong, but comments made by its owner in the unveiling video have some people fuming.

Tokyo Smoke, an upstart global cannabis brand, attempted this week to expand their horizons by developing a $13,000 3D-printed water pipe and sharing it with the world in a video released by VICE Media. However, comments made by Tokyo Smoke’s founder and CEO in the video have caused some commotion in Canada’s high-end glass scene.

The video, as well as the Tokyo Smoke brand, was soon pilloried online by hundreds of angry commenters. It wasn’t so much the design of their bong—though there were comments about that too—as it was the way the men characterized the rich history of glass pipes and the glass-blowing community (or seemingly in their minds, the lack thereof).

Josephson starts the video by outlining a general interest statement. “What we’re interested in is really about how design affects bigger picture issues,” he said. “In this case, I think that marijuana culture has been unthoughtful.”

Gertner chimed in next. “There’s only ever been one pipe, only ever been one bong. It’s like you can smoke out of this small glass dragon or our larger format glass dragon,” he said.

The video goes back to Josephson, who then states, “for a culture that claims to be so based in creativity and liberal thought, I was just sort of like ‘this doesn’t make sense.’”

“What if we created something you want to display to people—that you can be proud of?” Gertner adds and points out that people can be excited about their alcohol collection, “but why can’t we have the same phenomenon with marijuana?”

The remarks of the two men seem to have set off an Internet fire-storm. As of the time of writing, there were over 750 one-star reviews on Tokyo Smoke’s Facebook page, a #tokyojoke hashtag on Instagram and thousands of negative comments on the VICE video.

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