Canadian Cannabis Legalization 1.0

Article by Brook Parsons,

Canadian Cannabis Legalization 1.0

Today the Canadian government legalizes recreational cannabis. This day has been a long time coming and many of us thought we would never see the day that anyone in Ontario could legally grow and consume cannabis without the fear of retribution by the authorities.

We should celebrate this remarkable day! The most versatile and medical plant known to man, which for nearly a century has been made illegal by the government, has finally fought off extinction. Kept alive by “hippies” and “criminals”, ganja has survived and thrived until it was so pervasive in our country that the government could no longer hide behind decades ignorance and propaganda.

The work sadly is not over. The fight continues. Within the next year, the Federal Government should introduce legislation to legalize the production and sales of recreational edibles and concentrates. These are the 2 healthiest ways to ingest cannabis, even though Health Canada currently puts heavy restrictions on them. There are also potential issues with driving with cannabis metabolites in your system as well as other legal questions that even the best lawyers say will be fought out in the courts over the next couple of years.

Together it is our collective job to spread the good word: Cannabis is Legal! Cannabis is Normal! Together we can share this plant and how it affects our lives and continue to change the world!

Happy Legalization 1.0!


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