Canada Could Become the First Country to Allow Unlimited Possession of Cannabis in Private

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Canada could become the first country to allow unlimited possession of cannabis in private Canada’s legalization plan doesn’t put limits on the amount of cannabis one can store privately

While you will only be able to grow 4 plants at a time and will only have the ability to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in public, Canada will become the first country to forego a limit on the amount of recreational marijuana you will be allowed to possess privately, according to the first draft of the Cannabis Act.

This starkly contrasts other legalized recreational and even medicinal markets in the United States and around the world, which typically have legal possession limits that apply even in private settings.

In Uruguay, the only other federal jurisdiction in the world to legalize recreational cannabis, there is a presumptive personal possession limit of 40 grams, anything above which could put an individual in legal jeopardy; individuals can only buy up to that amount each month at pharmacies. For individuals that cultivate inside their home, there is a limit of 480 grams that can be harvested annually from up to six plants.

The lack of an inherent private possession limit in Canada’s proposed plan is a curious fact: a laissez-faire approach within a legalization plan that is otherwise strict. With approximately 45 offences, there will be around 7 times more offences that you can be charged with than what currently exists for cannabis. Public possession of more than 30 grams can theoretically be punished with 5 years of jail time, while no possession limit is placed, at least in the federal draft of the law, on the amount you can possess in private.

Health Canada spokesperson André Gagnon confirmed to Lift News that there is no limit on the amount of cannabis that could be possessed in private dwellings.

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