Burnaby RCMP Finds Distressed Woman, Unconscious Man and a Huge Multi-Drug Operation Inside Home Licensed to Grow Weed

Article by Angela Stelmakowich, Growth Op

WTFNewsLegislationLegalization Burnaby RCMP finds distressed woman, unconscious man and a huge multi-drug operation inside home licensed to grow weed Cannabis, cocaine, psilocybin, codeine syrup and so-called date-rape drug were among the substances seized by police. Author of the article:Angela Stelmakowich “The amount of dangerous drugs this seizure has kept off our streets is staggering.” / PHOTO BY BURNABY RCMP

A 9-1-1 call late last month by a Burnaby, B.C. woman who was in emotional distress after a man lost consciousness in her home revealed a massive drug operation featuring cannabis, cocaine and suspected GHB, sometimes called the date-rape drug, forget-me pill or roofies that can render a person unconscious with as little as a teaspoon.

Although the residence in North Burnaby was a licenced cannabis growing operation, the site contained 500 plants over its authorized limit, according to a statement issued Thursday by the Burnaby RCMP.

A subsequent search warrant also revealed 3.7 kilograms of suspected cocaine, 105 litres of suspected GHB, 15 litres of suspected codeine syrup, 10 grams of suspected ketamine, 823 grams of suspected precursor’s, which is used to make illicit drugs, 4.5 kg of suspected cannabis bud, 114 kg of suspected marihuana plants/trimmings, 3.7 kg of suspected uncut shatter, 36 kg of suspected psilocybin, $9,000 in cash and nunchaku, a prohibited weapon in Canada.

“The amount of dangerous drugs this seizure has kept off our streets is staggering,” Inspector Matt Toews, officer-in-charge of investigative services at Burnaby RCMP, says in the police statement. “With the number of overdoses we are seeing lately, this is a huge victory for public safety in the City of Burnaby and the Lower Mainland,” Toews continues.

Responding police arrived just before 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 29 to find the woman in distress, but otherwise safe. After confirming the woman’s well-being, officers checked on the unresponsive man, who was located close to a large-scale illicit drug operation inside the home, the RCMP reports.

Paramedics assessed the man and transported him to a local hospital. He was later released from police custody, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Inside the home, officers found a number of containers of unknown chemicals and paraphernalia associated with drug use. Members of the RCMP Federal Clandestine Lab Enforcement and Response (CLEAR) Team were called in and confirmed the safety of the home and surrounding area.

The search warrant was subsequently obtained.

No charges have been laid, but the RCMP reports that “the owner has been linked to gangs and charges are being sought under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.”

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