Beyond Vaporization

Article by Mel W, High! Canada

Beyond Vaporization

One of the best parts of the cannabis industry to me is the testimonials and all the amazing stories I get to hear about how cannabis has changed people’s lives.

One of the best stories I have heard to date comes from a dear friend of mine, Jean-Marc with Sublimator Warrior. For those of you that do not know this man or his wife, you truly are missing out on a beautiful piece of friendship.

When I first meet Jean-Marc at the Sublimator Warrior booth at a cannabis event, I instantly knew I was in good company, but it was during a private and personal event that I really got to spend some time with Jean-Marc and learn a little bit about him and his journey into the cannabis industry, then I was hooked. I followed up a few days later with an over hour-long phone call where he went into detail about how much cannabis has truly changed his life.

Two years ago Jean-Marc was not the same man he is today. In fact, he was 73 lbs heavier and on a bunch of different pharmaceutical medications, including 30mg of Dilaudid. He was unhealthy and unhappy and knew he needed a change. It was then that a friend introduced him to CBD’s and full spectrum extracts that his life began to really change, but his Dr. Was not convinced and not eager to hear about cannabis let alone prescribe it. Jean-Marc was determined to make changes and began medicating himself full time with CBD and THC as well as eating healthier and exercising. He starts his day with a smoothie with fresh cannabis leaves free from THC and medicates throughout the day with CBD & THC Consuming more cannabis than combusting and combusting very little during the day.

When he returned to his Doctor six months later she took his blood pressure not once but 3 times on 3 different machines. His blood pressure had dropped so dramatically that she was instantly convinced the machine was broken. She was ecstatic at the thought that the prescribed meds had worked that wonderfully. Jean-Marc then asked his Dr to call the pharmacy and inquire about his prescriptions, the Dr learned that he had not in fact even filled his medications for months on end. Confused, she begged Jean-Marc for answers and he then began explaining cannabis and cannabinoids to his very intrigued family physician. Mesmerized she listened, she even asked him to return a few days later with his meds and prescription and told him that she was fascinated with his health and this new found (to her) information. Since then his Dr has educated herself, colleagues, staff and even other patients.

This story warms my heart every time I think about it. Talk to your Doctor today. Let’s help stop the stigma. One success story at a time.

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