B.C. Craft Cannabis: Be Proud of Your Heritage!

Written for Weedism.
Craft BC

B.C. stands for British Columbia but you could also say that it stands for Best Cannabis!

That is because B.C. has a deep passion when it comes to the production of craft cannabis. Craft cannabis is not a particular type of strain. Craft cannabis can be any strain of marijuana that is grown with passion, dedication and conviction. Master breeders and growers work with small crops of cannabis in order to give each individual plant personal attention.

The personal attention provided to each plant allows the plant to reach its fullest potential. This means not just yield and potency but flavour, aroma, and medicinal value. Marijuana today for the most part is grown by a calendar cycle. This cycle is followed by dispensaries and grow operations everywhere.

They grow the plants to the calendar time and then whether the plant has reached its full potential or not it is harvested. Many times this results in a lower quality product where a little patience and experience in the field of craft cannabis would have produced a much superior product. Synonymous with the economic heritage of British Columbia, is craft cannabis. B.C. is known to have some the best bud on the planet!

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