Ask a Lawyer: Can You Carry Cannabis in Your Car?

Article by Sarah Leamon, Cannabis Life Network


By now, we should all know that driving a motor vehicle with cannabis in your body could result in harsh legal penalties. But what about driving with cannabis in your car?

Now that cannabis is legal, adults are able to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis or its equivalent in public places. However, when it comes to your motor vehicle, there are a number of restrictions about how that should be done in order to properly comply with the law.

The first golden rule when it comes to cannabis in cars is to avoid consuming inside a motor vehicle, full stop.

Obviously, drivers should abstain from consuming cannabis at all times while driving; but this restriction applies to passengers just as much as it does to those who are behind the wheel. As the owner and operator of a motor vehicle, you should be vigilant in ensuring that no one smokes, vapes or otherwise consumes cannabis while you’re in charge. Otherwise, both you and your passengers could face legal consequences.

And pulling over before consuming won’t help your case.

It does not matter if you’re parked or if you have no intention of actually putting the vehicle in motion. The prohibition against consuming cannabis in motor vehicles extends to all vehicles – regardless of whether you are driving or not.

Moreover, the legal concept of care or control extends to acts that fall short of actually driving. This means that simply sitting in a motor vehicle could be enough to fall under the definition, and the subsequent ambit of the law.

You may also want to keep in mind that these restrictions apply to all vehicles – not just cars or trucks. Even unconventional motor vehicles, like boats, motorized scooters and – in some provinces – farm equipment, are illegal places to spark up.

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