Arrested for Marijuana in Montreal

Article by Christopher Curtis, Montreal Gazette


What happens when you get busted for possession of weed in [Montreal]? The Montreal Gazette put that question out to readers, legal experts and the proprietor of a marijuana dispensary. Taken as a whole, their answers could be summarized with just two words.

DARREN Montrealer, salesman, father of one

The cops pulled a friend and me over in the West Island, searched our car, went through my pockets and found it. Next thing you know, I’m in the back of the police car, I’m at the station and they tell me they’re pressing charges.

I didn’t want $7 of weed to f–ing screw up the rest of my life so I hired a lawyer. I had, literally, like not even a gram on me. My lawyer had explained to me that it’s basically to the policeman’s discretion if he wants to press charges or not. I unfortunately got a jerk. So we got our first court date and my lawyer calls and says, “I don’t like that judge, we’re going to postpone it.” OK. Our second court date he did the same thing. Finally, on our third court date, he liked the judge and we went forward with our plan.

He went in, spoke to the prosecutor, the judge and I ended up making a $1,500 donation to a women’s shelter and they dropped the case. It was as if it never went to court, it’s not on my record, there’s no trace of it . … It cost me a bunch of money — about $3,000 — for what it was. I had just been hired at (a major telecommunications company) and they do criminal background checks and a conviction would have been grounds for them to fire me.

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