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Article by Kendra Veinot, High! Canada

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I’m Ben, content director here at Adventure Squad Productions. We are an imaginative collective of cannabis enthusiasts based in the Maritimes, brought together by our shared appreciation and passion for cannabis culture.

In early 2016, I relocated to New Brunswick from my hometown, Ottawa. Through a series of life events. including a marital separation, I ended up moving to Halifax in early 2018. Upon arrival, I was eager to connect with like-minded individuals and came to find High Life Social Club, an established cannabis lounge located downtown.

The atmosphere is very welcoming and inclusive, providing a quintessential environment for those who embrace the cannabis lifestyle to engage and socialize. I met my co-production partner, Tish, at High Life. She invited me to join her on a camping trip which is where I was introduced to her group of friends befittingly known as, the ‘Adventure Squad.’ The group is a highly creative bunch with fresh, fun ideas, and a great appreciation for the outdoors and exploring.

Late last year, while I was still in New Brunswick, I chose to pursue my interest in marketing and created an Instagram account featuring cannabis loving puppets. Shortly after I debuted the puppets, I was contacted by An online Canadian cannabis entity who showed interest in the content. I was very impressed with their product quality/value, and provided them with my feedback. They responded expressing their appreciation for the evaluation at which point I saw the potential for this to evolve.

The original idea has now evolved much quicker than I had anticipated. We now have a production team of 9 and a growing roster of supporting players that occasionally join us for seshing and adventuring.

One of our core motivations with Adventure Squad Productions is to produce and curate content that helps ameliorate the existing ‘stoner’ stereotypes which perpetuate stigmitization of the cannabis lifestyle. We all share many interests including a great appreciation for the outdoors, arts, and culture.

Cannabis enhances these activities and ultimately is the unifying element that brought us all together.

There are many brilliant minds on the team. We have University students and graduates. Enrolled in everything from Astro Physics, Micro Biology, Film/Media, Engineering, Nursing, etc. Not your stereotypical ‘dumbed down potheads’ sitting on the couch watching Bob Ross R.I.P. – We all love, Bob, btw. We also firmly believe that cannabis can be abused and in turn cause serious issues so we strive to promote informed and responsible consumption with our content.

The question of what we think of legalization inspired an article’s worth of discussion within the group. Our thoughts are mixed on this subject. Overall, while we agree that the pending legalization is very much progressive, and a watershed moment for Canadian cannabis culture, it is quite disappointing. Some of us have been following and advocating for the cannabis movement in this country for decades. We can see through the ‘smoke and mirrors’ show and are rightfully discouraged by the Liberal governments  legalization model.

We will continue to provide promotional content for cannabis companies that align with our principles and vison. In fact, we recently entered an official parternership with which has the squad very excited and motivated.

Some of the forward thinking ideas that have recently hatched during our brainstorming sesh’s include, short films featuring the puppets and their adventures, interviews with prominent and not so well-known figures within the cannabis community. We have also been invited by a few cultivators and extracts producers here in Canada, to tour their facilities, possibly film some ‘how it’s made’ style segments and interviews. Other upcoming plans involve expanding our content to include lifestyle segements such as music, film, food, and travel pieces.

We are so grateful for the appreciation and attention you’ve given us with this article. Wishing you and your team continued success and prosperity!

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