ACMPR/MMPR THC & CBD Oils: Potency and Price Comparison

Article by Brad Martin, Lift


Continuing from our previous look at cannabis oils available in the MMPR/ACMPR with significant amounts of THC, this graph looks at the 10 cannabis oils with significant amounts of CBD. Publicly available information for each offering was logged August 15. Ten cannabis oil offerings were available from six licensed producers. Below, we look at CBD and THC concentrations for each of the 10 oils.

ACMPR/MMPR CBD oil potency
We’ve shown the strains acceding to CBD content (highest CBD content oils are on the left). The presence of THC alters the medical qualities of cannabis oil, so during this Prezi, we talk about cannabinoid content in ratios of THC to CBD. Six of the ten offerings are 1:1 oils with even amounts of THC and CBD per millilitre. Two oils offer 2 parts THC to 3 parts CBD. And finally, there are two offerings of strong CBD oils with negligible amounts of THC (1:20).


Last week we looked at THC oils (shown in the chart below). Zaius by Tweed was the most potent oil, followed by Omega 29 by Peace Naturals. These are two of the eight THC oils that are above the average concentration of 19mg/mL THC for the 20 oils we studied. This week, we will continue looking at these oils with respect to price.


ACMPR/MMPR CBD oil pricing

Next we look at price with respect to active ingredient for both THC and CBD oils. In both cases, we compare the prices against their respective market averages to orient ourselves within the market’s span.

We see seeds of competition brewing in the THC oil market. When this study was undertaken previously, the market average was greater than the market median, the majority of oils were priced above the market average and very few producers had offerings below the market average. This time around we see a shift where more producers are competing below the market average price for THC.

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