ACMPR and Dispensary Price Comparisons

Article by Brad Martin, Lift


We logged publicly available information for dispensary cannabis and cannabis produced under the ACMPR over a two week period in September 2016. Of the 137 offerings produced under the ACMPR, 30% contained significant amounts of CBD, with an average of 9.42%CBD. The remaining 95 offerings had an average of 17.65% THC.

On average, cannabis from the ACMPR was priced at $8.63 per gram. Increased strain variety and price was observed in dispensary cannabis data; the average price for cannabis from a dispensary was found at $10.88 per gram. Several strain specific comparisons suggested that dispensary cannabis was comparatively more expensive. The data sets were reconfigured by sales medium (online, storefront) to show that cannabis sold from a physical location was typically priced at $2.58 per gram more than cannabis sold online (either through an online dispensary or an LP).

As medical cannabis becomes more accessible and its medicinal qualities continue to gain wider notoriety, we’ve started to see a shift in the amount and quality of information related to it. We hope this new level of data will answer some of the questions previously clouded by prohibition.

The ACMPR/MMPR has ushered cannabis production into a new era where legal producers must keep strict track of operational variables on both the production and sales side. This era of data transparency allows us to begin analyzing cannabis from multiple angles including price and medicinal content. For now, we’re going to look at the differences in price between cannabis available from varying sources.

We’ve drawn from several online sources for this study. First, we’ve used pricing data for dried cannabis from LP websites to capture and define the medical market. This LP data was collected on September 16th 2016 over a two hour period; all available flowers and blends at that time were logged.

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