7 Cannabis Experts Make Post-Legalization Predictions

Article by Scott Blacklock, Lift News

Culture 7 Cannabis Experts Make Post-Legalization Predictions We asked a panel of cannabis experts to peer through the haze and tell us what they see in Canada's future. By Scott Blacklock

Although we know when cannabis will become legalized across our great nation, we don’t know what will happen after October 17. Will cannabis laws be fair and equal? Will the black market thrive or be completely eliminated? Will Canada make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunity?

These, and plenty of other questions, continue to be on the minds of anyone with even the smallest stake in this incredible socioeconomic experiment.

We wanted to find out what cannabis insiders think, so we asked some of the most prominent cannabis lawyers, consultants, journalists, and other industry professionals to share their predictions. They spoke about government crackdowns and settling periods, but took a moment to celebrate that fact that consenting adults will be able to grow and share cannabis “like tomatoes.”

Here’s our list of esteemed insiders:

Deepak Anand, vice president of business development & government relations for Cannabis Compliance Inc. and former executive director of the Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association. Twitter: @_deepakanand

David Malmo-Levine, Creator of PotFacts.ca and long-time cannabis educator/agitator

David Kretzmann, Financial analyst with a focus on cannabis stocks at the Motley Fool Canada. Twitter: @David_Kretzmann

Trina Fraser, Canna Law Group leader and litigator/partner at Brazeau Seller Law. Twitter: @trinafraser

Ricardo Baca, Founder & CEO of Grasslands, founder of The Cannabist, and the first full-time marijuana reporter for a major American newspaper. Twitter: @bruvs

Jack Lloyd, Toronto-based cannabis lawyer & legal counsel to cannabis activist Marc and Jodie Emery. Twitter: @JackLloydLawyer

Jamie ShawGroundwork Consulting partner & Canada’s only court-certified dispensary expert. Twitter: @jamieashaw

And now, let’s get to the questions:

What obstacles or potential problems do you expect we will encounter in the first six months post-legalization? Will it be a disaster or what?

Fraser: It will be a success from day one, because anything is better than a rampant illegal market that is completely unregulated. Canada will be on a learning curve for some time, and I expect the regulatory and taxing framework will have to be adjusted along the way.

Baca: Canada’s rollout won’t be a disaster from any perspective. The country and its provinces will make mistakes and miscalculations, sure, but we have yet to see anything that could remotely be classified as a disaster in the cannabis-legal world, and Canada’s cautious-and-careful approach won’t alter that track record.

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