20 Rare Strains We Want to Buy in Canada in 2020

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Want to spice up your sex life with Wonder Woman or curl up with The Golden Girls? Tough luck: Canadian cannabis consumers couldn’t buy these rare cannabis strains on the regulated market in 2019.

There are thousands of cannabis strains worldwide, but more than one year after legalization, there’s just a limited number on the regulated Canadian market. The complex plant has more than 100 cannabinoids — including CBD and THC — and terpenes, which work together to produce different effects when consumed. These effects can range from stress-relieving to energy-boosting; anxiety-inducing to sedating, but tracking many of these strains down isn’t so simple.

Here are 20 rare strains we hope to see on the legal market soon.


Award-winning Appleberry is an indica-dominant hybrid of Dynalicious (Dynamite crossed with Bubblicious) and White Widow. While it is not on the market in Canada, for growers Appleberry is a good choice. Sumo Seeds calls it one of the best producing-plants.

Birthday Cake Kush

Strain reviewers say Birthday Cake Kush (aka Birthday Cake or Wedding Cake) provides a luxurious body buzz without numbing the mind. A combination of Cherry Pie Kush and Girl Scout Cookies gives this strain a sugary, vanilla flavour.

Blueberry Pancakes

The berry and maple syrup-like taste of Blueberry Pancakes reminds Canadians of home. But thus far, there is nothing quite like it available legally in Canada. The breeder of Blueberry Pancakes is unknown, but this indica-dominant hybrid is from the popular Blueberry family. Its effects can be both sedating and joyful.

Charlie Sheen

Online strain reviews say Charlie Sheen starts with an explosive, euphoric, slightly manic high but tapers to an extended soothing buzz. Charlie Sheen is a cross between Green Crack, OG Kush and Blue Dream. True to its name, the plant yields trichome-coated buds with a shimmery “sheen.”

Cranberry Haze

Cranberry Haze’s closest ancestors are Colombian Gold; a purple phenotype of Original Haze called Pure Haze; and some Chitral #1, making the resulting variety quite a library of landrace genetics. Not yet on the legal market, home growers can expect the plant to a height of about two metres, and with a flowering time of about 10 to 12 weeks.

Durban Poison

Named for its city of origin, the South African port city of Durban, this strain offers a lift in social situations. It is known for producing energetic and uplifting effects.


A high-potency indica strain, Frankenstein packs a highly sedative punch.  Some believe OG Kush is one of Frankenstein’s parents, which would put Hindu Kush in its lineage as well as the very pungent and potent Chemdawg.

Golden Girls

Part of their Golden Goat series developed by Lost River Seeds, Golden Girls reportedly maintains the flavour and aroma of the Goat with no Afghan traits. Expect a warm, berry buzz as you drift back onto your sofa and binge on the classic NBC comedy.

Hell Raiser OG

This strain is more likely to lift your mood than raise hell. Hell Raiser OG is a mostly sativa variety from Archive Seed Bank, and it’s said to produce a relaxed and happy high.

Maple Leaf Indica

This strain is named for its large, flat leaves that resemble those of the beloved Canadian maple tree. Rookies should take note – this strain is known for its powerful body high.


Monster, from Eva Seeds, is a hybrid variety with more sativa genetics than indica. This beast is hairy — making it ideal for making hash.

Pink Death Star

The purplish Pink Death Star strain, produced by the prolific Netherlands breeder Riot Seeds, has a spicy curryscent.Online reviews say the strain leans into its sedative effects and is best for nighttime use.

Prayer Pupil

Prayer Pupil by Mass Medical Strains  is a hybrid of Star Pupil and Bodhi Seeds’ Prayer Tower. Online seed banks tend to list Prayer Pupil as a sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain rates high in THC, so beware!

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