• Lady Stardust posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    So now Ontario government is taking down its own dispensaries? An LP that was found breaking the rules so they destroy everything? Wouldnt this be better handled Municipally ($$fine) since they were a licensed grower? So now Police are taking down registered LP’s when they are so bent to put free market dispensaries out of business already? This is Trudeaus/Wynne Reefer Madness 101.They should be more worried about the vast shortage of Cannabis that will be available for Recreational use next summer, instead of wasting wonderful bud in a raid against one of their own. Glad I support CANADIAN CRAFT CANNABIS. Wynne will just drive our market farther under. This new Criminalized Legalization regime is a disgusting takeover of small business . Government dont care about the consumer and Justin already laid a $1 excise on every gram!!! Talk about a money grab folks, this is NOT about the children…..

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