Medtainer Med-tainer med tainer dankr review grinder waterproof water proof airtight air tight

Medtainer is a repurposed medical product that has been greatly accepting in the cannabis community and has inspired its use in other disciplines. The Medtainer quickly took off as the only smell-proof, water-proof grinder with a storage compartment.

Medtainers now seem to be everywhere from the Karma Cup judges kit to regular vendor markets and often companies will hand them out at conferences. Some Licensed Producers will give Medtainers to new or loyal patients. If you’re looking for a Medtainer, short of ordering it online, I recommend going out to some Toronto events and someone will have Medtainers for sale. Specifically 4/20 Toronto, Global Marijuana March and Karma Cup are all events with multiple vendors what would be worth visiting. To order online, visit their website here.

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