Yep, Now There’s Weed for Weight Loss

Article by Crissy Van Meter, The Kindland

Blue Dream, one of the Best Cannabis Strains for Weight Loss

Yeah, you know that smoking pot can give you the munchies, and for people suffering from diseases where they feel nauseous and can’t eat, this has been a real lifesaver. But for the rest of us, the ones who get high and eat a few bags of chips in one sitting, the munchies can lead to bigger problems like obesity and heart failure.

Scientists say that there’s a magic weight loss piece of the cannabis plant and it’s called Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv). In pure form, it looks like it can act as a safe appetite suppressant. Yes, you heard that right, a binge-eating suppressant. Meaning, soon, you could be high and start shedding your annoying munchies gut. And now the pot industry is getting closer to offering weed that might help you shed some lbs.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Weight Loss

So why haven’t you heard of this amazing, weedy weight loss option? Because a normal cannabis plant only produces a small amount of THCv, and it’s been hard for scientists to replicate enough of it to test it, and sell it in pure form.

Until now.

From Forbes:

“Biotech firm Teewinot Life Sciences says that they are the first company that can replicate and produce the compound in commercial quantities. Normally, it’s very expensive and difficult to to extract the compound naturally, which is why little has been said about this.”

“Teewinot is a private company that uses a process called biotatalysis, which allows them to manufacture cannabinoid molecules in a lab environment. ‘Our technology removes the negative factors from the plant,’ said Jeff Korentur, Teewinot Chief Executive Officer. ‘We produce the same cannabinoid, just replicated outside the plant. It is identical in every way.’”

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