Women in Weed: Melissa Rolston

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Women in Weed: Melissa Rolston

How did you enter the Cannabis Industry?

I grew up in an interesting environment where I was always surrounded by healers in both the holistic and conventional medical worlds. I started working in the healthcare industry in 2009 and narrowed my focus to medical cannabis in 2013 when I became an executive assistant to a CEO of an LP applicant. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to work on both sides of the industry in various sectors which have taught me to see the industry from all perspectives providing me with an unbiased approach to my career and patient advocacy.

Challenges you had to overcome?

A huge challenge, which I still face from time to time, is the lack of credibility I receive from some colleagues in the industry due to my age. I’m proud of my accomplishments thus far and am looking forward to many more in the future. The great thing about being a millennial in this new emerging market is the opportunity and ability to grow with it.

Lessons Learned?

Never give up. Persistence and consistency is key. Be un-apologetically you, always.

Advice to women entering the cannabis industry?

As long as your intentions are pure, you’re willing to put your foot down and stand your ground when it’s necessary you’ll thrive in this industry. Having an incredible support team and mentors are crucial when you’re being innovative.. Surround yourself with those you trust, and never be afraid to think out ideas with your trusted peers. Great ideas take time to flourish — and all you have is time as the government rolls out new regulations, so use it wisely. This is a compliance and regulated industry so if you’re not an expert in either of those surround yourself with those who are. Be sure to hire an incredible lawyer to keep you within the parameters of the law as we move forward with legislation.

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