Women in Weed: Antuanette Gomez

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Women in Weed: Antuanette Gomez

How did you enter the Cannabis Industry?

I used to be a holistic nutritionist, and while I was in school I loved learning about alternative therapies. When I learned about cannabis I was shocked that there was an existing Medical Marijuana system in place for over 20 years in Canada – that nobody knew about. When I entered the cannabis space I quickly learned that the industry could use some help from millennials, and with that I started consulting. I then started my second brand Pleasure Peaks, that specializes in infused personal lubricants. Thanks to my Women Grow membership, it brought Pleasure Peaks to an international market within one year, and has given me international speaking segments to share my brand.

Challenges you had to overcome?

As an entrepreneur it’s really easy to lose yourself in your craft, I’d isolate myself working on my business plan, website, pitch deck etc, not seeing the outside world for weeks and it triggered my depression in many ways. The best way to overcome isolation is to get involved with a local community and reach out to close friends and family. Having a support team around you will bring you even more determination for your goals. Life is all about a balance.

Lessons Learned?

There’s no rush in business. Be loyal to your craft. Mentors and Advisory Boards are everything.

Advice to women entering the cannabis industry?

Create a loyal team, you can’t do everything yourself. Don’t be scared to ask for help in this industry, there are so many people wanting to help you and support your vision. Be original and use your voice, make your presence felt! Never waste time, and only spend time on the things that you truly love.

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