Woman in Weed: Kristin Lamont

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High! Canada Woman in Weed: Kristin Lamont Koko and Kai

High! Canada Magazine got the opportunity to sit down with Kristin Lamont recently. Kristin is a passionate cannabis advocate and founder of the very successful Koko & Kailine of cannabis-themed custom jewelry line.

High Kristin – Thank you so much for sitting down with us. You are so well loved and we see your THC molecule pendants all over Canada. What led you into a career in the Canadian cannabis industry? Tell us about how you got involved in the cannabis industry? What is your particular cannabis industry entry point origin story?

I began my journey with Cannabis after a serious car accident in 2006 as I realized that pills for pain were not going to be the answer and lead to an abundant life like I was living prior to this. I got my medicinal marijuana card 9 years ago and started to study the beneits. After another accident 4 years ago my passion and desire grew deeper, with information coming out to the public and people starting to come together with similar experiences and stories. I noticed that there wasn’t any jewellery I would wear in any dispensaries or headshops, so I decided to begin doing myself. While I was recovering I started to think about how incredible the Cannabis Community has been to me so I thought it would be cool to make a necklace that our community would recognize with each other and show their pride discreetly so the THC Molecule came to life, along with other creative designs that I just wanted people to feel happy in. It became a win, win situation that I continue to enjoy everyday with the photos and stories that I receive from people around the globe from www.KokoandKai.com

Did you encounter any challenges or adversity to adopting a full time role in the expanding Canadian cannabis market and if so what did you do to overcome them and successfully move forward?

I am a firm believer in Cannabis as natural medicine and enjoy this community so much, it truly is unlike any other. I have found that the stigma is still there but for me I am living proof that this is in fact medicine. The only adversity to me is to people who have not been educated and that’s part of my role. To educate, inspire and give back. I come from working in action sports for the last 15 years so I feel that both genders have an equal platform in this industry. For the small business’s like mine it can be hard coming up against big money players but people’s responses have been so incredible with Koko and Kai. Staying involved active and support each other as a community is key and having a strong brand. I am so grateful to have made it into over 25 shops now across the country and growing. So I continue to stay focused, passionate and dedicated to making jewellery that is high quality, fun, unique and affordable for everyone!

What are you working on now. Can you run us through an average day for you?

An average day is pretty awesome, I wake up early with my puppy Cedric, get inspired and make whatever necklaces I am feeling that day, THC molecules, Gems, Crystals, Cannabis leafs with all types of themes and charms in Silver, Bronze, Gold, I let it low. Hit social media and emails, for a bit say hello to friends and check in with the best crew at TopLeaf Canada. They are some really awesome people doing incredible work in the Craft Industry and community. Then I hit the beach and chill until the sunsets with a Steller J and mediate to sleep 🙂

Plans for the future – personally and professionally?

I always love to get my travel on, The sunshine, ocean and experiencing different cultures is in my blood for sure. Continuing to reduce pain with CBD’s s and THC and just really enjoy life and continue to build my business and the collective I am in with at TopLeaf Canada! Koko and Kai really took off over the last year so right now I’m just enjoying the moment, looking at new trends and continuing with the success of Koko and Kai.com!

Thank-you to High Canada and everyone who has supported Koko and Kai this year.! I have new designs coming out soon, smaller, feminine THC molecule necklaces for woman, a new cannabis necklace collection series and great wholesale pricing so stay tuned it’s going to be exciting!! Keep on rocking your THC Mole or favourite Koko and Kai piece

Last question – what are three things that you think everyone should be doing?

Keep in touch with the market and how it’s growing daily to be on top of your brand and get involved. I think that testing, proper branding and information is imperative. I feel the more, love, compassion, understanding and support for everyone the better we all are!

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