Woman in Weed: Nicoley_Shmoley

Article by High! Canada

Woman in Weed: Nicoley_Shmoley

High! Canada Magazine had the chance to speak with Budtender and Model Nicole recently on the shoot of an Engaged Fashion summer line shoot in Hamilton, Ontario.

Tell us Nicole about how you personally became interested in cannabis?

My interest in cannabis started when I smoked my first joint at 18 years old. I’ve been smoking ever since! Although I started off smoking recreationally, I soon experienced its medicinal benefits. A couple of years ago, I had a back injury from ballet and I found Cannabis/CBD products helped me immensely. I couldn’t recommend CBD enough!

Tell us about how that led to an active career for you in the Canadian Cannabis space? Aside from being a budtender, I’m also a freelance model. Funny enough, my modeling is what led me to work in a dispensary. My friend @mad_whits (check out her Instagram; she’s amazing) not only sold me my first bong but also introduced me to this career. Although it has its risks, I love doing what I do. Herbal Life customers are the best!

Have you faced any adversity or specific challenges within this space and if so how have you passed over these particular obstacles?

The difficulties I have faced in this industry would be adjusting to how fast paced it is. It was really daunting at first since I was brand new to budtending and didn’t know what to expect but with time and experience, I’ve definitely improved/gotten faster. I can move through a whole line now fast and efficiently!

Advice to other women entering the Canadian Cannabis industry?

My advice to other women entering this industry would be to educate yourself on all things Cannabis. Knowledge is crucial in this line of work; you want to be able to answer all of your customer’s questions/concerns and be able to pinpoint what it is that they need. Also, remember your worth and don’t be afraid to speak up. Your voice matters.

Three things you think every Canadian needs?

Three things all Canadians need: love, a really good lawyer, and of course weed!

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