Why High-THC Strains Are Crucial For Some Medical Consumers

Article by Kate Robertson, Lift News

Why High-THC Strains Are Crucial For Some Medical Consumers Cannabidiol's (CBD) promising medical applications are frequently hyped, but many Lift & Co. users report that cultivars with higher levels of THC give them relief from a number of ailments By Kate Robertson

Cannabidiol (CBD) and its medical applications have been one of the biggest cannabis stories in recent years — it’s non-impairing, an anti-inflammatory and some report that it eases anxiety and pain, too. But the hype around CBD may have impacted public perception of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid that is impairing, giving the impression that THC doesn’t have medicinal applications. This is inaccurate.

 Dr. David Hepburn @DavidFHepburn  MORE FAKE NEWS. Common myth needs to be dispelled. CBD: oil, medical, non-psychoactive, good  THC: smoked, non medical, psychoactive, bad. THC is essential to treat many many medical conditions.  12:31 PM - Jul 17, 2018 90 39 people are talking about this

While not everyone enjoys the effects of THC, Lift & Co. users report that it eases nausea and stimulates appetite; relieves insomnia and allows for rest; benefits spascity and reduces physical ticks, among others things.

But with time, consumers commonly report that they build a tolerance to THC, meaning that without a break, higher levels are required to achieve the same effects. That’s why, when Canada’s cultivators release high-THC strains to medical communities, it can be a point of pride: high-THC strains generally take more time to grow and cure (which can also be reflected in the price).

Here are some of thehighest THC cannabis strains listed in Lift.co’s database.

Stellio by MedReleaf

Indica-dominant hybrid | THC: 27-30% | $12.50/g

Stellio is MedReleaf’s Kosher Kush, a heady indica-dominant hybrid that’s recommended for night-time use. It also comes in “crumble” form for those who face challenges when grinding cannabis.

“This is probably my favourite strain right now,” writes Pimmernhs, who uses medical cannabis to treat Tourette’s. “Not a lot of smell, but the taste is fantastic. I can definitely taste lots of different terps with this strain. It’s my go-to when I want to sleep. It instantly stops my tics and restlessness — I start to sink into my couch right after my first two pulls and immediately relax. Doesn’t knock me out right away (I usually watch a movie before bed) but puts me to sleep nicely once i’m ready.”

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