What Does it Take to Write a Good Cannabis Review?

Article by Solomon Israel, The Leaf News

What does it take to write a good cannabis review? Everyone's a critic, but the best cannabis commentators rely on knowledge, ethics and a way with words By: Solomon Israel The Cabbabist's marijuana critic, Jake Browne, in "Rolling Papers." MUST CREDIT: Alchemy

From YouTube videos to crowdsourced review aggregators, the internet is flooded with cannabis enthusiasts who dabble in criticism, each with their own take on which bud is the dankest of all.

But success as a weed reviewer takes more than just a laptop, a bong and an opinion, according to Jake Browne, the former cannabis critic for The Denver Post and its cannabis website The Cannabist. Browne estimates he reviewed more than 100 varieties of cannabis between 2013 and 2017, a gig that pushed his writing chops to the limit.

“There’s only so many times that you can describe the green hue of something before you need to start getting pretty creative,” he jokes.

But creativity is just the beginning. Even though Browne’s reviews drew on a thorough knowledge of cannabis genetics, breeding and chemistry, he says he always tried to write for cannabis neophytes, not just longtime users.

“They’re probably the broadest audience in cannabis,” he says.

Browne’s reviews often explored the effects of different varieties of marijuana — a topic that’s important to users (especially newbies), but is also highly subjective.

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