WeedTubers Are Making Real Green by Smoking Cannabis on the Internet

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WeedTubers Are Making Real Green by Smoking Cannabis on the Internet

The mainstreaming of marijuana has opened doors for myriad young, hungry, and innovative entrepreneurs. Much of the new green-rush opportunity is to be claimed online. On YouTube, a community of content creators known as “WeedTubers” posts videos of themselves consuming cannabis: Taking huge dabs, smoking “100 hits of weed in a row,” or reviewing new products.

Most of the pot-smoking, video-making crowd is doing it just for fun, to connect with other members of the cannabis community, or as an expression of creativity. But some WeedTubers are making enough money to pay their bills, and sustain a weedy lifestyle matching their headiest dreams.

From The Guardian:
“They may not be millionaires like some YouTube stars, but the most successful WeedTubers have managed to build full-time careers through a combination of sponsorships, branded content deals, and merchandise sales. . . WeedTubers are bootstrappers who have paved their own way creatively and financially in an arena that’s sometimes hostile to their ‘420-friendly’ labor.”

The strategies these mostly millennial WeedTubers use to monetize their personal brands are much the same as what non-weed-imbibing digital celebs used before them, when social media platforms will allow it.  YouTube is less apt to delete weed content than say Instagram, but Google AdSense––how most YouTubers make money––doesn’t pay out for age-restricted videos.

And after all, weed is still illegal at the federal level of the United States.

“It’s a pretty impossible conversation to have with just about anyone––Uber drivers, people in elevators,” WeedTuber Josh Young, a 21-year-old medical marijuana patient who reviews cannabis products, and shares other pot knowledge and information on his StrainCentral channel, told Guardian. “I’m like, ‘I smoke pot on the Internet, I guess?'”

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