Why Does Weed Makes You Laugh?

Article by Marco, Greencamp

Stoner Giggles: Here is Why Weed Makes You Laugh

If you ever smoked pot (or consumed it in any other way), then you’re already acquainted with the interrelationship between cannabis and the dazzling effect it has on our perception on all things of humor-related.

It’s pretty common knowledge that marijuana has this kind of impact on our mind, but the scientific details are still relatively vague for the everyday stoner.

So we should touch up on this interesting sciency stuff first, and after that suggest a couple of strains that are the absolute best for an “upgraded” laughing experience.

Dissection of laughter

Laughing is quite an elaborate impulse. We’re completely unable to control it, because it just spontaneously happens for a number of different reasons like joy, pleasure, bliss, excitement, amusement and of course fun.

It’s also very closely connected with social interactions, and this research shows that a person is 30 times more likely to laugh out loud in someone’s company, rather than alone.

Mirror neurons

There is another fascinating aspects of laughing, called the mirror effect.

Humans have mirror neurons that catch subtle signals from other people, and mimic their feelings at that given time. Because of this we usually respond to smiling with a smile, or when someone yawns we also have to do it.

The same goes with negative emotions, if we see someone looking really sad or angry, you can feel the change in your mood right away.

These mirror neurons can be attributed for causing empathy, and they are found in numerous regions inside the brain.

This of course goes either way, and marijuana can definitely make you smile even harder when you see someone giggling, especially if you find them cute.

Other hypotheses include this one, which reveals that laughter most likely evolved from panting, which is a regular occurrence in various apes that occur when they are tickled, or during playtime, when they’re having hella fun among each other.

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