It’s Time to Talk About CBD For Anxiety

Article by Chris Visser, Twelve High Chicks

It’s Time to Talk About CBD For Anxiety

A long time back now, I wrote an article about tackling some of my health issues with cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals. Cannabis helped mostly with arthritis and pain caused by a hormone disorder. And it helped with daily stress, which mostly kept down my anxiety. But it could also sometimes make my anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD symptoms worse.

These days, it’s still one of the best treatments for my arthritis and also helps manage a more recently diagnosed stomach issue, while my hormone disorder is managed by other necessary meds that cannabis can’t replace. Unfortunately, even the best management can’t prevent mental health needs from changing, and I’m temporarily back on pills for anxiety and PTSD again.

Could CBD Be Better?

But because I’m on meds, I have time to research cannabis options. One of the big problems for me is having to wait until after work to medicate. It’s easy to write high, but have you ever edited under the influence? I want to bring my A-game, so I can’t be stoned during the day. I’m achy and stressed by the time I finish. And it then takes a while for medical cannabis to help.

So I started looking into “not too stoned” cannabis strains that would still help arthritis and stress. Which led me to low-THC strains. And of course that brought CBD to mind. And then I got an email from Chris Visser at Cannabidiol Life asking to share information with our readers about CBD for anxiety….

CBD for Anxiety Relief

The term anxiety is generally used to refer to disorders that cause fear, worry, apprehension, and nervousness. Anxiety affects how the sufferer behaves and feels, and it can manifest itself in physical symptoms.

Although anxiety is generally not desirable, it’s basically a critical adaptive response that is aimed at enabling a person to cope with threats to their welfare or safety. This response enables a person to recognize potential threats and avert them while motivating them to take action. However, this natural response becomes maladaptive and it affects relationships, quality of life, and work when it’s not managed. Although there are drugs for anxiety, some patients do not respond to them favourably.

That’s why they turn to alternative treatments like CBD.

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