These 3 Countries Are Now Banning Their Citizens From Smoking Legal Weed In Canada

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News These 3 Countries Are Now Banning Their Citizens From Smoking Legal Weed In Canada Visitors who smoke up on Canadian soil could be looking at jail time or hefty fines when they go home. @Jezael Melgoza | Unsplash/Dmitry Tishchenko | 366 shares Alissa Heidman · 20 hours ago

It’s obvious that not everyone agrees with Canada’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana. To each their own, right? Well, not in these cases.

Recently, three countries have announced that they don’t want their citizens to have anything to do with legal pot in Canada. Because of this, they’re committed to penalizing any of their passport-holders who do.

Visitors from South Korea, Japan, and the US are more than welcome to use cannabis while they’re on Canadian soil. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t be punished by their own country when they get home.

South Korea

The South Korean justice system has claimed extraterritorial jurisdiction, which means that the laws there apply to its citizens even when they’re in another country. Since marijuana is illegal there, it’s illegal for South Koreans here, too.

Last week, hours before cannabis became legal in Canada, the South Korean embassy in Ottawa tweeted out a friendly reminder to residents visiting Canada. It translates into, “Even if you are in a cannabis legalization area, please be aware that if you are a citizen [who partakes in] cannabis smoking (including purchase, possession or transportation), you will be penalized for committing a criminal offence.”

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