The Stupidest Thing Bill Blair Has Ever Said

Article by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network


With the Cannabis Act passed and moving toward Royal Assent, the prospect of legalization has never been closer.

But, just like in Colorado, there will still be a black market for cannabis.

In fact, our black market is likely to be larger than Colorado’s since we’re legalizing in a very strict, “public health and safety” kind of way.

Even legalization czar Bill Blair (who National Post columnist John Ivison believes is “arguably the reason Canada” legalized) says, “It’s not the government’s intent to promote the use of this drug.”

It’s been clear from the beginning that BC Bud wasn’t going to be part of the legalization scheme.

Forget about jobs and economy, the Liberal government has no intention to legalize a “boutique market,” as Trudeau said.

He told us that Canada wasn’t legalizing to please consumers, or, it would seem, to help BC’s underground cannabis industry come out of the shadows and engage in above-board, regulated practices.

They’re legalizing to protect a few crony-capitalists and give the illusion of public health and safety.

So what did Bill Blair say that was so stupid?

A few things, but first:

“Organized crime will engage in whatever enterprise makes money for them and they’re quite willing to operate outside the law. It’s not all motorcycle gangs and street gangs and mafia. But it’s all criminal enterprises and therefore unregulated and not subject to any rules,” he said.

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