The Future of Hemp and Cannabis

Article by Tyler Strause, Skunk Magazine

The Future of Hemp and Cannabis ByTyler Strause

Let’s start by talking about modern hemp products, products that have been available to consumers for thousands of years. From hemp we get primarily leaves and flowers which contain most of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, along with seeds, stems, and stalks, which contain natural fibers and cellulose. The primary value driver today are the natural cannabinoids, seeds, or fiber, depending on the country.

The primary naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp is cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis is among the oldest natural medicines known to man, virtually all people and animals can benefit from using products containing naturally occurring cannabinoids from hemp. Hemp is poised to be a boon for farmers struggling to get by growing low value commodity crops. Farmers will soon be able to grow hemp and products useful for preventing and potentially mitigating a wide range of conditions associated with inflammation and neurodegeneration.

Most hemp products produce very few natural cannabinoids, between 4% and 6%. Randy’s Club uses hemp that produces double the amount of naturally occurring cannabinoids containing both CBD and CBC, a minor cannabinoid that enhances the overall benefits of the final formulation. Most of the natural cannabinoids are found in the trichome, where all cannabinoids and terpenes reside. Those cannabinoids are transferred to the parts of the plant exempt from the controlled substances act (CSA) during manufacturing, which is where we derive them for Randy’s Remedy products. Trichomes are little frosty hairs with bulbous heads on mature flowers and leaves.

While CBD products are relatively new, CBD has been in our diet via hemp seed for at least 12,000 years. Over the next few years this industry is poised to grow in excess of a half-billion dollars.

The 21st century hemp industry is going to be quite different than the industry of years past. The old paradigm grew hemp only for seed and fiber. The value of these crops is limited as the market is mature and competitive.

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