Talking to Miss Envy About Cannabis, East Hastings, Treating Pain, & 3 Things You Absolutely Need For a Healthier Life

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Women in weed: Talking to Miss Envy About Cannabis, East Hastings, Treating Pain, & 3 Things You Absolutely Need For a Healthier Life

High! Canada Magazine got the opportunity to sit down with the one and only Miss Envy recently. Having become somewhat of an icon with the Canadian Cannabis industry, it’s a real honour to sit down and talk to the incredible woman behind the Miss Envy brand and its incredible line of products. Many of which are considered to be by many to be some of the best in the industry – quickly transforming the Miss Envy brand into a staple for the concerning and educated Canadian cannabis consumer.

So Miss Envy – Thank you so much for sitting down with us. Can you tell us a little bit about the woman behind the Miss Envy persona? What is Miss Envy really like?

I’m Vancouver born & bred. I’m ultra silly if you can’t laugh at yourself as they say. I can ind the silver lining in just about everything. Some say I’m sickeningly cheerful (*cough* Mr Envy). I’m someone who has blind faith; I followed the yellow brick road so to speak. I keep getting that sense of Deja Vu in everything I do, so I know I’m on the right path. I spend my time hiking (of course, I live in beautiful BC!), doing yoga, traveling, cooking and working. Although, when you love what you do, as much as I do, it’s not really work. I’m a dreamer, & I dream big.

How did you get involved in the cannabis industry? What is your particular cannabis industry entry point origin story?

That’s a pretty long story, but I’ll tell you how I became Miss Envy. I was already working for a dispensary that the founder of Miss Envy Botanicals supplied. We had become fast friends. I was dealing with some pretty heavy personal issues at the time & he was really there for me. After a little convincing, he sent me backpacking in Costa Rica for 4 months, where I spent time in a meditation centre then went on to eat plant medicine with a shaman. I woke up the next morning, called him, demanded the job & the rest is history.

What is some advice you could give to other women wanting to break into the industry?

There are a plethora of opportunities for strong, motivated, intelligent women – I work with them all the time. Being a woman has been an advantage; marketing to women requires a woman’s touch after all. If cannabis is your passion, go for it. Trust your gut and always follow your instincts. Never let anyone tell you that “you can ‘t”. You can & you will. Prove them wrong; that word is not a part of your vocabulary. If at first, you don’t succeed; smoke a doob, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put your big girl panties on & f *** s*** up. Manifest destiny.

Can you run us through an average day for you?

I almost always wake up giggling, to the smell of freshly brewed coffee that I add some of our THC infused coconut oil too. Perfect pick me up for my morning sun salutations. I head to the Overdose Prevention Site with edibles for meetings. I’m currently aiding with structuring the High Hopes Foundation program in the downtown eastside. After that, I head to the shop & help with production. Then, it’s on to emails, deliveries, meetings, “safety meetings” with my favourite clients (you know who you are), some baked baking, a snuggle & a snooze. FIN!

What was it like to work on building a brand like Miss Envy within an emerging and ‘not quite legal’ business setting? Are there any tips that you would like to share with readers on building a better brand in today’s shifting marketplace?

It’s been exhilarating! We’re on the forefront of a revolution. While we work in what’s considered a grey area market, I believe what sets us apart is our focus on raising the standard of quality patient care. At Miss Envy the patient is our number one priority. I suppose we’ve “toed the line” as far as “not-quite legal” goes, but the industry is taking turns because of people who have pushed boundaries. Sometimes it takes a few to stand up & challenge the ways of the past, to enact change for the future.

Plans for the future – personally and with the Miss Envy brand?

My 8-year plan consists of this:
1) Take over the world Envy style.
2) Retire to a bubble home in a tree on a beach.

I’ll elaborate further on number one. I’d like to see Miss Envy be the first international cannabis wellness brand, reaching those in need worldwide. In doing so I’d also like to see to the expansion of the High Hopes project.

I understand Miss Envy has been spearheading a growing fundraising initiative within the Canadian cannabis industry for the new High Hopes pilot project currently going on in East Hastings in Vancouver. From our perspective, it is really great and very refreshing to see different elements within the industry uniting for such a good cause. Can you tell us a little more about what’s going on there?

The High Hopes Foundation is the entire reason I got into this industry. I’m very grateful to work for a company that’s supported and joined my pursuance of this goal. When Sarah Blythe, the founder of the Overdose Prevention Site’s partner approached our CEO, we jumped at the opportunity to join their cause. Together, with the support of others within the community, we’ve begun implementing an opioid substitution program. We offer holistic alternatives, like cannabis & kratom, to help people in the downtown eastside struggling with addiction. Many of those partaking in the program also suffer from a plethora of aflictions that can be treated by cannabis. We distribute in the form of joints, capsules & edibles at an affordable cost, while creating a job for someone in the community.

Last question – what are three things that you think everyone needs?

A soft bed, a partner in crime & our Canna Sutra line.

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