How to Talk to Your Friends (and Grandma) About Your Medical Marijuana Prescription

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How to talk to your friends (and grandma) about your medical marijuana prescription Prescription cannabis: tough conversation, important topic

So you’ve got yourself a prescription to legally medicate with marijuana. Awesome! But the last thing you want is for your family or friends to suddenly think you have a drug addiction. Instead of hiding your new prescription, have a conversation about it.

A talk about medicinal cannabis with your nearest and dearest likely won’t be as relaxing as taking the actual dose. But with the right approach, lots of knowledge and a bit of tact and patience, it doesn’t have to be gut-wrenching.

Avoid being misunderstood by speaking with your friends (and, yes, even right-winged granny) about your medical prescription in a way that will help them understand your medicine from another perspective. Here are some tips to prepare you for the big chat.

Know the facts and where to get them

Having a firm grasp on the science, laws and, yes, the controversies that surround your treatment will only help when discussing medical cannabis with someone. Maybe you’ve already come across studies or documentation that pertain to your situation. Have everything ready to present.

“The most compelling way to talk to friends about medical cannabis use (if they are interested), is to send a few links to scientifically-oriented articles,” says Stephanie Karasick, co-founder of the mobile cannabis tracking app Strainprint.

And just as important as what you learn, is whom you learn it from, especially in today’s “fake news” era. Arm yourself with knowledge from reputable sources (like Lift!) that use scientific data to generate conclusions and break down this complicated topic in a way that’s easy to understand and communicate. Lift’s printable patient guide is a great resource for new patients, their friends and family. And when it comes to anything in the legal realm, look for official government sources. Health Canada has oodles of info on the cannabis laws in Canada.

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