Summer Potiquette: Smoke on the Water

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Summer potiquette: smoke on the water Tips and techniques for the socially conscious cannabis enthusiast, summer edition

Consideration and kindness are perennial, with each season bringing its own unique challenges to those who would seek to consider and be kind to others. For those who enjoy the fragrant pleasures of cannabis consumption, summer months can be especially prone to friction when others nearby are opposed to or ruffled by cannabis.

Most of our readers have experienced some form of this dynamic. Picture the scene—you’re quietly enjoying some carrot sticks and hummus at the beach, then suddenly overrun by frat bros blasting Pitbull remixes.

Sure, you smile politely to the frat bros and say, “don’t sweat it eh,” as you take their poorly-aimed football out of your hummus, wipe it off, and toss it back to them. But in your mind you’re not polite. In your mind you are sweating it. You’re going to have to eat those carrot sticks plain, and that’s the same kind of friction that can be caused by firing up a stanky bat of Purple Kush without considering the space it will affect, and the people in that space.

Here are some helpful hints to step up your friction prevention game, so you can optimize social amity.


The quintessential Canadian summer experience, camping goes hand-in-hand with cannabis. But many commercial campgrounds don’t leave a lot of room between tent lots, and some have communal areas. When sitting at a communal campfire it may seem redundant, in light of the billowing smoke from the fire, to ask if anyone minds if you puff a joint. But the simple courtesy of asking can sometimes make all the difference.

When looking for a site at a commercial campground, choosing a lot that’s more secluded or farther away from families might provide an odour-conscious smoker more mental elbow room. Also consider that in areas where there are commercial campgrounds, there are often less commercial camping options nearby too. Somewhere off the beaten path is usually going to provide a lot more privacy and airspace.

At the Beach

Very few people enjoy getting a sand-covered football in their bowl of hummus. Even fewer will tolerate Pitbull remixes. While most weed smokers delight in the rich aroma produced when smoking raw flowers, to some it can be the olfactory equivalent of a recycled synth hook from the bald-headed pop singer’s latest auditory assault.

Similar to camping, the most effective means of ensuring your enjoyment of the space doesn’t conflict with that of others is to choose a less populated area or an area farther from families with children.

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