Sublime with Rome and WonderBrett Discuss Their New Strain Collaboration

Article by Duke London,


As one of the premier bands in marijuana culture, Sublime with Rome has a strong reputation to uphold. When it came time to find a partner to collaborate with on a signature strain, there was only one name the band could ultimately trust — WonderBrett. This SoCal standout has been wowing connoisseurs for years with their well-rounded approach, using award winning genetics and precise growing techniques to bring their clientele a consistent, complex product that impresses every time.

Already fans of both collaborators, we couldn’t wait to try their new creation Orange Dynamite Stick. You can read our full review of this beautiful addition to the WonderBrett collection here. We had the opportunity to chat with frontman Rome and Brett, the master grower behind WonderBrett, about Orange Dynamite Stick and a range of other topics. Check out the full interview below, and head to one of the dispensaries below to pick up some WonderBrett Orange Dynamite Stick today. What were you guys looking for in a signature strain, as far as smell, taste, etc.?

Rome: Not to come in hot, but we met with a lot of people, some real badass growers. It was definitely Brett’s attention to detail that put him above the rest for us. Obviously, his weed is fucking fire, but it was his attention to detail with growing that was key for us. When it came to making a strain with Brett we wanted to come original with a different angle. Everyone is jumping in the game and throwing their name on a plant, but barely any of those people are actual cannabis users or at least put in the time that we do. I’ve been smoking marijuana for damn near half my life, so it’s a serious thing to me and the band. When we got together with Brett, we were like, “Alright, let’s not make another OG.” [laughs]That’s what everyone does, they make an OG because it has a good nose. We wanted to come up with something that was unique in the marketplace that still had a bomb ass nose on it; something that will help you chill and relax, maybe even hype you up a little bit. That’s why we wanted to use Bubble Gum as the main component, then Brett mixed in some of the special sauce, and we got Orange Dynamite Stick. We’re stoked on it, man.

Brett: We wanted to do something really special for Sublime with Rome, they’re such a historic band. We had to do something that does them justice, with how legendary they are. They’re the Rolling Stones of Ska, it’s pretty epic.

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