Striking The Root of Cannabis Legalization

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Striking The Root of Cannabis Legalization

If we legalize in a free market way, striking the root of cannabis legalization, who is worse off? Civil servants, who must now modify their actions to changing conditions without a stable mandate from above?

What is this — an argument for government bureaucracy?

Everyone will be affected by cannabis legalization. Call it six degrees of separation. Having government mediate risks like an insurance company is a gross mischaracterization of what government is and what it’s capable of accomplishing.

No doubt, cannabis legalization will create unintended consequences across the board. Everyone wins from positive externalities since the market is not a zero-sum game, but, as for negative externalities, we can look to current laws on the books.

From natural health products, intoxicated driving, fraudulent advertising and promotion — there are already rules in place governing human action.

Our tradition is in English common-law. Unlike crackpot dictatorships around the world, Canada is founded on a judicial tradition that builds off the settlement of actual disputes.

Tort law, property law, contract law, commercial law, and criminal law should be enough to regulate cannabis effectively.

Politicians don’t need to be involved in every little thing. They certainly shouldn’t be issuing licenses.

In the western legal tradition, laws were procedural and not preemptively created by politicians. In this way, laws — which restrict human activity — only arose when they were needed.

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