My Story: Cannabis and Cancer

Article by James Harper, We Think Health

James Harper My Story: Cannabis and Cancer

It’s no secret that in the last 12 months CBD, better known as cannabis oil or hemp oil, has people in awe of its potential health benefits. As amazing as it is to read about these life changing benefits provided by a solution like CBD, it’s even more amazing to have first-hand experience watching the benefits of CBD take place in someone’s life. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I’ve watched three very important men in my life benefit from CBD / cannabis oil, while having cancer, in two different ways.

In this blog, I’m going to share my personal experience with cancer. Cancer and I have a dense history. I’ve lost my father, best friend, and step-father in the last 14 years from this horrible disease. In all three situations, cannabis and cancer played a major factor to all of their cancer stories.


Of course, by now, we’ve heard about the solutions medical marijuana can provide to a cancer patient. The solution is no longer an “alternative” but a very real and consistent practice with cancer patients across the United States.

Back in January of 2000, my father Mars Harper was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. He got sick with meningitis one winter, and – after a multitude of tests – my family received the news all families fear hearing: your father and/or husband has cancer. Hearing the news your father is terminally ill is a gut-wrenching reality; I can’t accurately formulate this reality into words. My whole family’s world was rocked…to say the least.

My father, who was a loving husband and father of five, decided to go down the grueling path of chemotherapy. He felt this was his best option for survival, or – at the very least – the longevity to spend more time with us kids. One thing I’m not sure many people take into consideration when weighing the options of chemotherapy is the quality of life you’ll sustain once treatment starts.

I’m not here to discount chemotherapy, although the older I get I don’t fully believe in it’s results and techniques. I’m fully aware chemotherapy has helped people. This is my story, not my company sparking a war against FDA approved medical treatments.

If you’re unaware of chemotherapy, it’s a torturous thing for any human to endure. I commend anyone who’s brave enough to go through its treatment. Also, to be clear, on this site, we will never judge nor recommend anyone to a specific type of treatment. We encourage all of our health community members and readers to find THEIR solutions to any type of medical treatment they might need – not to mention consider the recommendations from their doctors and family.

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