Start Rolling Your Blunts: 2016 Was A Very Good Year for Weed

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1. Weed won!
Let’s be real, weed won the election. California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine voted to legalize adult use marijuana, while Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Montana legalized medical marijuana. Only in Arizona, the ninth state considering legalization, did the initiative fail.

2. Weed enhances cognition.
An ongoing study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology found that cannabis helps with cognitive performance, as in the way we acquire and process knowledge. The researchers tracked 24 medical marijuana patients over three months and measured their cognitive abilities through certain mental challenges and tests.

3. Your cells get high.
Okay, sure that’s a given: If you’re getting high at all, at the most basic level it’s because the chemicals in cannabis are acting on endocannabinoid receptor cells throughout your brain and body. But in a new study, researchers discovered the structure of the CB1 cell receptors that actually bind to the THC from inhaled or ingested cannabis.

4. Cannabis to treat cervical cancer?
A study from North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, used in vitro or test tube/petri dish analysis to find that the anticarcinogenic properties in CBD could act on cervical cancer cells, inhibiting their growth or causing them to kill themselves. In a good way.

5. Weed arrests are at a 20 year low.
According to new stats released in September by the FBI, marijuana-related arrests are the lowest they’ve been in two decades. The data looked at 2015, in which there were 574,641 arrests for marijuana possession. Possession arrests have not been that low since 1996. Meanwhile, however, though arrest rates dropped, someone still gets busted for weed just a little more than once a minute.

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