From Snow to Whoa! Attending M.O.M. Cup 2018

Article by Jay Schmoeker, Twelve High Chicks

From Snow to Whoa! Attending M.O.M. Cup 2018

I’m an online, behind the scenes kinda guy. I’m of no use in real life event planning or management, and I’d rather type than speak. So although leading up to each M.O.M. Cup I bust my tail, during the actual weekend I’m just one more media rep. It works out well, since I can experience what judges actually experience. And attending M.O.M. Cup 2018 was an experience.

Friday Night Fizzle

To start off, I live in East Vancouver. Although I love it most of the time, I’m also transit-reliant anywhere outside my neighbourhood. But Vancouver’s transit system can be unreliable in bad weather. And the first night of M.O.M. Cup 2018 had bad weather for us: a snowfall that started in the early morning on Friday, February 23rd and continued into the early Saturday hours. Snowed in by 10 cm.

The silver lining to missing the first night of the cup, though, was cruising through Facebook and seeing a friend live-commenting — and they weren’t there either, so what were they seeing? I messaged them, asking what feed they were watching, and got permission to share.

That’s how we ended up with footage of the amazing Adult Entertainment Night on Facebook and the website. And how I got to watch Brent Ray Fraser’s XXXplosions for a second time — attending M.O.M. Cup 2018 online.

A Social Saturday Night

The thing about Vancouver’s bad weather though, is if it’s not rain it doesn’t last. Saturday stayed dry, the street and sidewalk snow melted clear, and the buses ran! Still wasn’t able to head out until doors had already opened, but I was finally on my way to the Cup.

Made it to the event with time to spare before dinner was served. But I encountered another snag: got there too late to grab a kit. Of course, with the free-flowing samples that wasn’t gonna stop the party!

The venue, a ballroom and banquet hall, was absolutely amazing. Much larger than the main room last year, it also had a bigger stage, higher ceilings … and more echoing. Unfortunately, that made it difficult to understand some of the speakers from some areas.

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