Smoking Weed To Be Able To See

Article by Julia Veintrop, Cannabis Life Network


Many people today know there are healing properties in cannabis yet assume that smoking a joint is not the most medicinal route to treat an illness; that an edible, oil or capsule would be more effective… If we are talking about illnesses that affect the eyes, that assumption is wrong.

What if being able to smoke a joint meant being able to retain your sight?

For over 400,000 Canadians, this is a reality.

What does Glaucoma look like?

Glaucoma happens when the pressure in your eyes increases to the point where your optic nerves are damaged; most often leading to blindness.

Affecting everyone differently, some people just suffer from extreme eye pressure and severe pain, yet never go blind; others can go blind suddenly with mild pain. Glaucoma is incurable.

You are at risk if you have a family history, chronic high blood pressure or increased pressure in your eyes.

Treatments for Glaucoma – The list of options is pretty horrible…

I had a lady come sign up to become a member of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club the other day and she suffers from Glaucoma.

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