Smoke Shaming

Article by Kelly Gibson, High! Canada

Smoke Shaming

I use Medical Cannabis and have smoked joints predominately for the last 20 years, with very few negative side effects. I’m an advocate and have strong feelings about my rights to medicate. For the last two years, I have worked for a local Cannabis Recourse Centre and I write content for several online blogs. An executive I work with, who has little experience with Cannabis ‘smoke shamed’ me at a recent meeting.

There was no mention of the supposed ‘health risks’ during this conversation, the comments were more about how seeing women smoking joint’s is not ‘classy’. Like smoking Cannabis is dirty or wrong somehow. Even after considering the source, I’m still very angry. Personally, I admire anyone who takes control of their own health and is brave enough to share what they are doing with the public.

There are plenty of social media profiles that I admire and I feel the images of the ladies puffing on a blunt to be inspiring. Clearly, the average person still see’s smoking as a negative behavior, the stigma in society is still very prevalent. Even within the Cannabis industry, which is where I should be safe to be myself.

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