Do Silicone Smoking Accessories Live up to the Hype?

Article by Avital Norman Nathman, Merry Jane

Do Silicone Smoking Accessories Live up to the Hype?

I can’t be the only one who seems to have bum luck when it comes to glass bongs, right? No matter how careful I am, inevitably my glass pieces end up breaking. A bowl, an entire bong, a slide, a downstem. No matter what, it happens. And it sucks. Not only do I end up losing a smoking accessory, but I then am also tasked with cleaning up a bunch of glass and stinky bong water. So, in the interest of bong-users everywhere, I decide to try out the latest trend in smoking accessories: silicone! Perhaps this non-breakable material would be the answer I was looking for.

The fine folks at Roll-uh-Bowl sent me a package with a bunch of goodies to help me in my quest to see if silicone would work for me. I received a BiG RuB and a smaller one, both in black. The thought behind these particular foldable, portable silicone bongs is pretty simple. “Our team are all outdoor enthusiasts,” explains company executive Ashton Jones. “We wanted to create something that would go hand-in-hand with our active lifestyles. We got tired of breaking our nice glass pieces when we were out on adventures. We came up with the idea to create something that was durable and affordable, yet foldable and portable, that could easily fit into a ski jacket or backpack without worrying that it will break.”

Despite the sales pitch, I had some reservations up front. One thing I love about glass (despite its penchant for inevitably breaking on me) is the heft of it. A heavier piece in your hand feels more secure for some reason. I was worried that the floppiness of the silicone would feel weird and alien.

I also wondered if there’d be a scent, and if so, how that would translate to my cannabis. Would it smell or taste rubbery? Would the scent of the cannabis infiltrate the silicone and trap it, causing it to stink after only a few uses?

I’m pleasantly surprised to share that my fears were unfounded. Yes, it was a bit strange to hold the Roll-uh-Bowl in my hand at first, but after a while it felt totally normal. There was a slight rubbery scent to start, but it quickly dissipated. After that it was a normal bong experience—except that, if I had dropped it, it wouldn’t have broken!

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