Sharing Recipies of Light

Article by Phil Wong, High! Canada

Sharing Recipies of Light

As High! Canada is always seeking out new innovations in the cannabis industry, I came across EmersonGrow. They specialize in INTELLIGENT LED lighting solutions for agriculture of food, lowers and cannabis. A premier lighting brand in Canada, EmersonGrow is the leader in digital Agri-Grow Lighting Technologies. EmersonGrow’s product development team exclusively designs market-driven SMART-PAR LED Agri-Grow lights. Patent protected products are one of the company’s greatest assets. EmersonGrow values innovation as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Today, we are talking with the EmersonGrow TEAM. Nixon interesting name for a company, were you guys influenced by Robert Emerson?

Yes, we were actually! Our whole team has been inspired by the Emerson effect and his innovations he made in the field photobiology. We are continuing in his path, as we are conducting our ongoing research and development using various light spectra and associated tools to produce a ‘True Emerson Effect’. We are able to determine the best suited integrated technologies and platform applications to advance chloroplast production and photosynthesis. With a strong combined knowledgebase our team quickly adopted digital and technological topologies which bring together advanced tools in a cloud environment.

So how did a lighting company get into the cannabis space?

We have been in the lighting industry for over 20 years, designing premium quality LED agri-grow lighting that specializes in working with urban farming, vertical farming, and commercial facilities. We are a high tech company and have always been actively involved with research and development for institutions and government projects, so it was only a matter of time before we became involved with Licensed Producers. This led us to developing newer technologies in the cannabis industry, such as our latest product the Prism EGX7.

And is Prism EGX7 meant for businesses or for the In-Home grower?

Prism EGX7 is for both the In-home growers and Commercial operations. In home marketplace is running 120v however, we are able to manufacture and delivery upon commercial, government and institutional environments as well. EGX7‘s App works seamlessly for ‘unlimited’ number of fixtures upon one device. Alternatively, one can run multiple routines upon one device for multiple environments. Some users will run various spectral routines, especially the In-Home market. Grow tents are commonly used in the home to increase yield by making the environment more efficient for various stages, germination, clone, vegetation, pre-flowering and flowering; resulting in the ability to produce for themselves by growing cycles in preparation for self-sufficiency.

Can you explain the advantages of your Prism EGX7 Grow Light?

The Prism EGX7 is the first community based system of its kind that enables you to be social and share! No matter what plant type you cater to – ‘Your Recipes of Light’ are fully under your fingertips and control. PRISM X7 emits no ambient noise as it is “fanless” with a large heat sink which provides longevity and a sustainable product and it is IP44 making it waterproof!

Prism EGX7 comes as a complete package controlled by the way of Android/iOS enabling the user with timer settings, spectral & intensity controls in the creation of a Recipe of light. A recipe of light is advancement for producers and growers who wish for anytime, anywhere live control for all stages of plant production! It is the most advanced digital Agri-Grow light which feature never seen before Laser Integration, UVB and top bin, State of the Art – Emerson Chips allowing all users to create, grow and share. Connecting through horticulture in a community has never been easier now that EmersonGrow technology has been unveiled. Users are enabled with total control for local network or remote operations which is an innovation for ‘Designate Growers’ who wish to run remote production facilities. Clients are able to advance themselves no matter the skillset by visiting “The World’s First Built in Light Recipe Store” where exchanges of knowledge and experiences from the horticultural community unfold for all growers who want to create, grow and share. Prism EGX7‘s digital connectivity works seamlessly with an ‘unlimited’ number of fixtures upon one device for single or multiple environments, providing crop management for multiple growth cycles simultaneously.

And how did it do during the testing?

We compared multiple plant species with results showing vigorous health in growth of roots, stems, trichome growth as well as rich dark green foliage. We are getting amazing results with yield when compared with competitors. Prism EGX7 is high PAR and runs 150w = 1000w HID where competitors are run their LED lighting at 300-400w = 1000w. We partnered with an Ontario College to test our technology scientifically in applied sciences. The research is result based and ongoing. Throughout testing phases Prism EGX7 produced food, lower and cannabis. Individual plant species have unique photoreceptor responses, each category unveiled, increase yield and trichome production, unrivaled aroma and flavorful produce.

We are currently accepting clients to work with who are spread across the ladder, food culture is important to EmersonGrow. We are here to build the necessary tools to sustain and enhance safe food, lower and cannabis production. In doing so, we increase our ability to leverage big data for the benefit of the ladder through biodiversity as community! We are part of a Greenbelt which is essentially a food belt spread throughout Southern and Northern Ontario. We are here to strengthen and advance the food belt by providing high tech solutions it for production, education, fresh food restaurants, microfarms and community supported agriculture with our technology.

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