Rosin Making Matures in the Year Following the ‘Hair Straightener Video’

Article by TG Branfalt Jr, Ganjapreneur


It’s been more than a year since Phil “SoilGrown” Salazar posted a video to Instagram showing the world how to use a hair straightener to extract cannabis oils. That video has been cited as the flashpoint for the rise of solventless concentrates produced using pressure and heat — Salazar, in the interviews conducted for this piece, was credited as the godfather of rosin (but did not return several interview requests).

Salazar didn’t discover solventless extracts, however. Bubble hash, dry sift and kief had already been popular with the cannabis community, but concentrates — wax, shatter, crumble — required processing. The most common methods require butane, alcohol or carbon dioxide but Salazar’s discovery simplified a process — and that simplicity launched a whole new sector in the cannabis industry. The heat and pressure process, though, does allow for another oil extraction step from those other solventless types.

Vincent D’Accolti, co-founder of Rosin Tech Products, points to Salazar’s video as an influence for moving into the rosin press market — mentioning that as a New Yorker the best way to break into the cannabis industry is to start a company in an ancillary sector. New York’s medical marijuana program does not allow for concentrate products and just five states are licensed to grow, manufacture and sell the drug.

“A hair straightening iron wasn’t the best product for making rosin,” D’Accolti said in an interview with Ganjapreneur. “So we started developing presses that were dedicated to rosin production.”

Using a press is a relatively safer extraction method than using chemicals — a safety concern that is becoming so prevalent that Arizona’s ballot initiative includes language banning “chemical extraction with a flammable solvent,” and making it a class 6 felony. But the cleanliness of the final product — which also tends to keep terpene profiles intact — is what really sets the method apart, D’Accolti suggests.

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