Rolling Joints 101 with Cody Vangogh

Article by Brook Parsons,

I don’t roll many joints.

Usually when I medicate (alone) I smoke a bowl or take a hit off a THC vape pen. I find this is the easiest way to smoke and the best way to control my dosage. That said, there is nothing quite like a joint between friends. When you share your herbal medicine with friends you experience the effects at the same time and get in the same headspace, enjoying your time together.

I’ve been fortunate in my years to have had many friends with steady hands and open hearts that make joints appear like magic when its time for the sacrament. Of course there is some embarrassment in not being able to roll a proper joint though, so I decided to learn from the best.


Cody Vangogh is a professional creative joint roller. If you don’t know what that means, it means he can turn your wildest ideas into fully smokable joints. So who better to learn the basics from?

Wednesday (November 23rd), Cody held Rolling Joints 101 at Queens of Cannabis, a vapor lounge owned and operated by strong female cannabis activists. The class was busy with seven people looking to improve their skills. What a perfect time to address my deficiency and learn the rolling arts from a pro.

Queens of Cannabis

I was surprised how much was covered in the class, though in hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have been. The first topic of discussion was rolling papers. We learned a bit about the history of rolling papers and how the industry became what it is today. We learned about various brands of paper and the few companies that own them. Most importantly we learned about the different types of papers and how they affect the smoking experience.


I knew that there were different thicknesses of papers but I had no idea about what that really meant. Pouch papers? Free burning papers? I had never even heard of them before the class! 20161123_185223

After the theory segment was complete and all questions were answered it was time to get hands on. The joint we would be learning was the reverse plumbers joint. Cody picked this joint because it is the easiest way to roll a joint that burns evenly and lets you experience the most flavour from your favourite strain.

It took a while to create something I was satisfied with but as we progressed step by step with Cody giving pointers along the way I finally got a result worthy of putting a filter on.

The last trick Cody showed us was how to make both his favorite type of filter and how to make a filter with a heart in it, perfect for that special someone in your life.


All in all the class was a huge success! Though no one can teach my clumsy fingers to be dexterous, I learned a few neat tricks that with practice will greatly improve my abilities. As a bonus, since we were in a vapor lounge, we were able to test our creations immediately and see just how well we did!

Cody is holding another Rolling Joints 101 class at Queens of Cannabis on Wednesday, November 30th at 6:30pm and will be holding intermediate and advanced classes so even more experienced rollers can learn to hone their craft.

Click here for November 30th rolling class.

For all Toronto cannabis events check out the Dankr events page here!

Article by Brook Parsons,

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I am a medical marijuana patient and youtuber, and have been for a few years. I am very passionate and knowledgable about cannabis. I want to help share my knowledge with inexperienced patients through Dankr, and review products to ensure there is a standard in the community.

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