The Road Less Travelled: Talking to MountainCBD CEO Patrick Schmied

Article by Phil Wong, High! Canada

The Road Less Travelled: Talking to MountainCBD CEO Patrick Schmied

What was your first introduction to CBD’s?

The cannabis plant has always been an interest of ours ever since experimenting with it in high school. Both my co-founder Phil and I had a good understanding of the plant in knowing the differences between sativas and indicas, but it wasn’t until heading out West for university where we gained significantly more knowledge. As we became more exposed to the use cases of cannabis, and more specifically the benefit of each compound making up this miracle plant, we decided to start a project where we would learn and experiment in order to best understand its impact in our daily lives.

My co-founder was studying in the Okanagan Valley, known for its large quantities of cannabis grown indoors and I was on the coast in Vancouver. I remember him calling me about an individual he met who was paralyzed from the waist down who used a cannabis tincture with high quantities of Cannabinoids (CBDs) to cope with depression and inflammation. We immediately began reading everything we could on CBDs and became obsessed with this chemical compound right around the time that it was first being used to help those dealing with epileptic seizures in the mid- 2000s. We knew there must be more uses for CBD and wanted to explore its benefits in sports.

Fast forward 10 years later, and we have studied everything there is to read on CBD, met with suppliers to find the highest quality CBD produced with solid supply chains. We have interviewed professional athletes who use a form of cannabis in their everyday lives, and worked diligently to become unclaimed experts in this area of study. We went from listening to stories of others using CBDs, to using them ourselves, to building a company to bring these products to market.

What is MountainCBD?

MountainCBD looks to motivate and enable athletes to be the best they can be and take their passions to the next level. Whether it’s through everyday motivation, playlists to keep them moving, or providing the best and highest quality hemp-based products to deal with inflammation and aches from being active: MountainCBD is there. Our clients range from professional athletes competing at the highest levels in sports, to beginners overcoming obesity, and everything in between. What makes us truly unique amongst other products in the industry is our focus on athletes as well as our ability to provide the highest quality of hemp-based products to supplement their activity.

If there is one thing you could tell people about CBD’s, what would that be?

CBDs are incredible anti-inflammatories and are thus neuroprotectants. Your brain is made of roughly a hundred thousand miles of blood vessels and CBDs act as a suppressant to any micro inflammation caused by brain injuries. Surprisingly they can be found in various everyday foods such as chocolate, black pepper, and tomatoes. It just so happens that the hemp plant has a very high volume compared to those sources.

In order to nurture your body with the best possible vitamins and supplements available, we are launching our custom tailored subscription plans and guides for each specific use case in sports. Our most popular subscription that we have is our off- season and on-season regimen for professional athletes and those who are aspiring to become professionals in their areas of expertise.

So what is your perspective on CBD’s and sports?

With most professional sports involving high-impact, it is very common for athletes to experience at least one minor traumatic brain injury or concussion during their career and multiple sub-concussions, which are repeated minor assaults to the head. If you have ever experienced any head injury you will know how painful it is and how long it can keep you out on the sidelines. But what if there was a way to prevent damage from concussions before they occurred? As more research is being conducted in the use of cannabis, specifically the use of CBDs, to help the brain repair itself after trauma, they have found 3 main characteristics that make this a promising treatment:

1. It reduces brain inflammation – The neuroprotective antioxidants help in preventing stress-related damage and reduce inflammation in the brain.

2. Provides neuroprotection – The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a crucial role in the brain’s ability to repair itself. The ECS is the pathway in which cannabis engages with the body and use of therapeutic cannabinoids may provide protection against nerve cell damage after acute injury.

3. Pre-treatment with cannabis prevents damage – With cannabis helping protect against possible concussions associated with certain occupations that make a person more susceptible to concussions. Using CBD oil as a dietary supplement may be beneficial in preventing brain damage from concussions before they happen.

Use of CBDs in professional sports has skyrocketed over the years. Dana White, president of UFC, estimates that 84 percent of UFC fighters use cannabis in some way, shape or form. Jay Williams; former NBA-athlete, a sports commentator, and advocate for research in the use of cannabis in professional sports, believes that 80% of NBA-athletes self-medicate with cannabis. David Wells, a former All-Star pitcher, claims that CBDs “saved him from the Demons of the Diamond” referencing the chronic pain and injuries he suffered in his shoulders from being a professional at the top of his game.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Professor emeritus at Harvard University, explains that the NFL as an institution should study medical cannabis for head trauma as external protection is not enough. He goes into explaining that, cannabis, as a medicine, has quantities about it that confirm its use as a neuroprotective and that the compounds in cannabis are like internal shock absorbers:

“We’re talking about a particular formulation of the cannabinoids. That is, a formulation which is largely made of CBD, or cannabidiol, and to a much lesser extent, tetrahydrocannabinol. And of course, along with it, the kinds of other phytochemicals like terpeneoids.”

For the parents who are reading this and would like to take preventative measures for head trauma for their children, please consider our on-season regiments as the product is 100% THC-free and compliant with the WADA (World AntiDoping Agency).

From our perspective, it is clear that the cat is out of the bag. The world knows of the benefits of cannabis and, more specifically, CBDs. It is our job now to continue bringing products to market that change lives in a positive way. That is what MountainCBD is here to do!

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