What Is the Relationship Between Weed and Déjà Vu?

Article by Lauren Maul, Merry Jane


Wait a minute…. Didn’t you already read this article about déjà vu and weed? Are you mistaken, or is it…? Déjà vu—or “already seen”—is that weird, vague feeling that makes us ask ourselves if we’ve experienced the moment we’re living before. If you are familiar with cannabis, then you are definitely familiar with this feeling, since cannabis is known to summon the magic that is déjà vu.

In order to understand this strange phenomenon, and how cannabis factors into the equation, you must first choose your own adventure. (The blue pill or the red pill???) For the scientific explanation, continue on to the paragraph below. For the mystical shit, skip to the part titled “Mystical Shit.” Whichever you choose, enjoy the déjà vu-themed tracks as they add to your sense of bewilderment.

A 2003 study titled “Demographic and Psychological Features of Déjà Vu Experiences in a Nonclinical Japanese Population” found that “sex, hand preference, or area of residence” had no effect on the frequency of déjà vu experiences. Déjà vu was found to be an indicator of good memory function and was experienced by people who were younger and more educated than persons who had not experienced it. (I call those inexperienced people Deja “Vurgins.”)

Researchers also discovered that déjà vu was linked with dreams and memory-related factors instead of with “dissociation-related factors of depersonalization, derealization, jamais vu, and daydreams or with mental activity-related factors such as paranormal quality and travel frequency.” (We’ll just agree to disagree with them about the déjà vu not being paranormal….)

Some brains are more prone to experience déjà vu than others. In a 1994 studycalled “Anatomical origin of déjà vu and vivid ‘memories’ in human temporal lobe epilepsy,” researchers observed that seizures arising in the medial temporal lobe sometimes resulted in a dreamy state and feelings of déjà vu.

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