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Ganja is becoming decidedly more gourmet as a growing movement of young chefs infuses our favorite herb into medicated meals, high-end desserts, cocktails and even cheeses. With the restaurant industry looking to treat weed like wine, interest from culinary professionals is at an all-time high.

Seeking to blaze a new trail in the world of cannabis cuisine, Chef Trevor Milbrey partnered with cheesemaker Juliana Clark and entrepreneur Matt Gill to create THC Cheese, a project which grew out of their mutual friendship and love of marijuana.

After attending the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of San Francisco, Milbrey began “kicking ass and taking names,” as he puts it, working for venerated establishments including Cowgirl Creamery, Foxtail Catering and Sprig. At the time, Milbrey and Gill were sharing an apartment, and their adventure with cannabis infusions began as a deadly serious battle against cancer when Gill was going through chemotherapy.

“The hospital food was atrocious,” Milbrey explained. “Matt was getting delivery to his hospital room from local restaurants.”

When his nausea became intolerable, Gill was only able to eat a scoop of ice cream at a time, as it melted in his mouth. Determined to help his friend, Milbrey kicked ass by infusing cannabis into cream and creating medicated ice cream. As Gill gradually recovered, the duo turned their triage project into “a game of what can Trevor get marijuana into,” as they experimented with infusing different high-end food products, including caviar, foie gras and cheese.

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