Recipes: Soothing Weed Tea and Caramel Pot Popcorn for a Cozy Weekend

Article by William Levy, Kindland


If you are in the process of choosing what to do over the weekend to release stress and pain, you could do a lot worse than pick marijuana tea accompanied by Caramel Pot-infused popcorn. And you can make the shit yourself. Does that put you in the market for awesome marijuana recipes that make your weekend the most exciting ever? Then read on, player.

Well, marijuana tea is a soothing product that has a high calming effect. It’s perfect for dealing with stress and handling body pain. In order to extract the THC, the useful substance in weed, you need to heat a fat, such as butter, along with your tea. To flavor your marijuana tea, consider adding conventional tea leaves to your mix.

You can do marijuana tea three great ways to vary your tastes and effects: Easy Cannabis Tea, Marijuana Chai Latte, and Marijuana Herbal Tea.

You’ll need at least an hour to prepare marijuana tea. Allot 30 minutes to preparation; the other half hour will be spent in cooking. It might be a good idea not to use a lot of highly potent weed. Also, don’t drive or engage in serious machinery operations after drinking the pot tea.

So, forewarned and forearmed, how do you go about making marijuana tea? See below.

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