Protecting Your Canna-Business: Interview With a Patent Lawyer

Article by Mike O, Cannabis Life Network


Have you ever wondered about the differences between a patent, trademark, and copyright, and how you could use those to protect your intellectual property, particularly in the cannabis space?

Considering the legal cannabis industry is so new, having only being legalized in Canada a few short weeks ago, you may not know your rights regarding intellectual property and how to protect it, especially when it comes to cannabis.

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CLN spoke to one of the featured speakers, Jennifer Marles, a Vancouver-based Intellectual Property Lawyer who specializes in patents. Not only did she tell us the difference between patents, copyright, and trademarks, she taught us about prior art, utility patents, and the patenting process in general.

We also talked about plant breeder’s rights, the future of growing and gene patents in the cannabis industry, why none of the legendary, pre-legalization strains are eligible for IP protection, and so much more.

Cannabis Life Network: Can you please tell me a little about your professional background?

Jennifer Marles: I’m a patent lawyer primarily, although I also do trademark work. My background is in biochemistry, so I’ve worked a lot on small molecule drugs, antibodies, different biological compounds, and chemical processes.

Could you give me a quick breakdown between a copyright vs. a trademark vs. a patent?

For sure.

Patents are basically about protecting new functionality, so in the cannabis realm, a new method of purifying active compounds out of cannabis, or a new method of treating a disease using, say, a cannabinoid, would be covered by patents.

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