Pot, Pride, and Progressive Politics

Article by Jay Schmoeker, Twelve High Chicks

Pot, Pride, and Progressive Politics

The world’s cannabis freedom movement is changing. Groups always change as they grow. Whether subculture or activism, group dynamics mean nothing stays the same. There are always disagreements within any progressive movement about what their goals are, how they should act, and whose ideas or opinions they should accept. As those movements grow, so do the disagreements.

Groups — from Ideals to Personal Ideas

As activist goals come nearer to being reached, other aims are brought in. From there, groups find themselves arguing over what they stand for beyond their collective goal.

For instance, moderate right-wingers deal with an extreme end that seems to be pushing back and forth between nationalism and fundamentalist religious ideals. Moderate liberals watch as the extreme left fights through “callout culture” and building one’s progressive activist caché by tearing down others.

And that’s not even to say that any particular extreme group is wrong (except the bigoted ones. They’re wrong). But if you are collecting under a simple statement — such as the conservative “small government” or the liberal “personal freedom” — all those further steps can confuse.

Growing — from Crops to Communities

The cannabis community/communities around the world are no different. With the advances that cannabis activists have made globally, and notably (for me) here in North America, disagreements within the cannabis freedom movement are more common.

It has stopped being just about access. People now focus on the kind of culture they hope to see grow within and from their cannabis community.

“Cannabis freedom” is a one-issue movement. It doesn’t describe an entire social policy, so people bring that one issue into their own political stance. Lots of people that are otherwise happy with the socio-political landscape (I’m so sorry for having to use a term like that) just want to add smoking pot to what is accepted culturally, without adding in any other freedoms.

So while cannabis freedom is a progressive movement, that doesn’t mean every activist’s personal politics are necessarily progressive. But of course, I’m interested in social progress. And that’s where what’s happening in the pot community overlaps with what’s happening in the queer community.

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