Parents Should Talk About Their Own Marijuana Use, Says Writer and Mother

Article by Muriel Draaisma, CBC News

Parents should talk about their own marijuana use, says writer and mother Rebecca Eckler, a mother of 2, says stigma around pot use by parents needs to be dispelled. Rebecca Eckler, a writer and mother of two, says: 'I'm not the only mom that occasionally smokes weed. In fact, almost all of my mother friends these days seem to smoke weed recreationally.'

It’s time for parents to talk about their own marijuana use with legalization looming, says a Toronto writer and mother of two.

Rebecca Eckler, executive editor of the online magazine, explained that openly talking about the subject would lower the stigma around recreational pot use by parents.

“These conversations need to be had,” she said.

“How are we going to discuss this with our children? Should we judge moms who use cannabis? What are the differences between moms who drink a couple of glasses of wine at the end of the day versus someone who has another way to relax? What are the side effects?” she asked.

For many mothers, pot smoking reduces anxiety and helps to ease depression. For those with more serious health issues, it helps relieve pain, she said.

It’s socially acceptable for parents to talk openly about drinking alcohol, given that drinking is legal, but it’s not yet socially acceptable to talk openly about smoking marijuana, given that recreational use is still illegal, said Eckler, and added that should change.

In an interview with Metro Morning on Tuesday, Eckler said pot smoking is probably a more common activity among parents than most people think.

“Well, first and foremost, I’m not the only mom that occasionally smokes weed. In fact, almost all of my mother friends these days seem to smoke weed recreationally,” she said, adding that “marijuana is going to be legal in one year and parents have to start having the conversation.”

The federal government hopes to legalize and regulate the use of recreational marijuana by July 2018.

Eckler explained smoking pot “now and then” doesn’t make you a bad parent — comparing it to drinking a glass or two of wine. She expressed herself in “Parenting Has Gone to Pot: Why So Many Moms Are Getting High (Including Me!),” an article she wrote for

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